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Planning your Mexico vacations, then you should first choose the type of experience you are looking for. Mexico is a country that offers its visitors a wide range of travel activities: culture, adventure, beach and lots of fun!

Mexico is the origin of one of the most important American culture the Mayas, and there are all over the country interest places to visit and learn from, just to give you an idea, there are 25 places declared by the UNESCO as world heritage.

Mexico travel

This includes historical places as well as natural ones. Just to mention some of them: the cities of Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tlacotalpan and Querétaro; the archaeological zones of Palenque in Chiapas, Chichén Itzá and Uxmal in Yucatán, Monte Albán in Oxaca, El Tajín in Veracruz, Teotihuacán in the state of Mexico and Xochicalco in Morelos; and, the most recently incorporated, old Tequila industry surrounded by landscapes full of agaves in Jalisco.

Mexico has a vast territory and shores to both the pacific and the Atlantic oceans. This makes the country an amazing destination for the beach lovers. Based on your preferences you can select the perfect beach for you! Probably the most popular beach destinations are located at the Riviera Maya, to the Atlantic side, facing the Caribbean Sea: calm and turquoise beaches like Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Playa el Carmen, receive every year tons of tourists looking for sun and fun. And to the Pacific side you will find: Los Cabos, Puerto Escondido and Puerto Vallarta , if you are into surf probably one of these will be your best choice.

You will find are a lot of different accommodations available to leisure from backpackers to the most exquisite visitants. Also, you will find a wide selection of activities for you to choose, like trips to admire the surrounding landscapes and sports to entertain yourself during your vacations.

Visiting Mexico is a full package experience, no matter if you decide Mexico as destination for its worldwide admired historical sites, its natural places or just for the fun; be sure that during your stay you will be exposed to its exquisite food, surprised by the unique rhythms of its music or, surrender to its tequila temptations.

Our advice is to decide ahead what will be your preferred destination in Mexico and enjoy the most of it. Remember that Mexico is a Spanish speaking country, so you might want to research a little before deciding your options, and make sure that bilingual guides are available. Mexico is a very popular destination, so you might not have a problem with the idiom; but if you are planning to travel in a peak season, then you should book ahead your tours.


Mexico information


Mexico Cruises
Mexico is a popular port of call for many of the worlds top cruise liners, you can enjoy a short cruise from the USA to Mexico or a longer cruise that takes in the Panama Canal or South America.

Mexico Timeshare Rentals
Rent a timeshare in Mexico and enjoy all the amenities of a hotel for up to half the price. Timeshares include multiple bedrooms, a living room, full kitchen and a dining room so you can feel at home. Perfect for family travel.


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